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Tagging The All Souls Sermon Library

What makes a great archive? Well, an obvious ingredient is good content that people want. But if that content is hard to find, then its usefulness is significantly undermined.

Currently, if you know the Bible passage, the preacher or even the sermon's title, it is relatively straightforward to find what you want.

But what if you want a sermon on a particular topic? This is where tagging comes in.

How you can help!

We have over 3,600 sermons and talks in the archive. If we just relied on our web team, it would take months and months. However, if we can harness the interest and support of our many subscribers through crowd-sourcing, it would take a matter of only a few weeks.

If 300 people tag 10 sermons each, in one month, we could get the whole lot done!

How it works...

sign up
Click here to access an online sign up form. This will take you to a list of sermon series. Note that some series contain quite a number of sermons. Select the ones you would like to tag using the "Sign Up" button (you are welcome to tag more than one, but we suggest you do just one at a time). Fill in the "SignUp Genius" form.
Click here to download a list of tags. For each sermon, please select 3 or 4 tags from this list. There will be the option of a 5th tag of your choice. This does not need to come from the list but will be moderated.
Search our sermon library using the code of the sermon series you selected (e.g. C123). Listen to the sermons and determine appropriate tags. Fill in the form below for each sermon you listen to and send. 

Thank you very much! Get tagging!

Mark Meynell

If you have any further questions, just get in touch with the Crowdsource team

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