All Souls Recommended Reading List

There are many good Christian books that will help you grow in your faith. We've recommended a few below that would be a great start for any Christian. There are also many more at our Resources Centre.

What we believe
Know the truth by Bruce Milne
The Cross of Christ by John Stott

Bible handling skills
Dig deeper by Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach

Bible overview
God's big picture by Vaughan Roberts

One to one by Sophie DeWitt

God's new community by Graham Beynon

The mission of God's people by Chris Wright
Foreign to familiar by Sarah Lanier

The Persecuted Church
The Very Stones Cry Our by Baroness Cox & Benedict Rogers

The New Bible Commentary
The Africa Bible Commentary

Bible reading notes
There are various good daily Bible reading notes including 'Daily Bread', 'Encounter with God' and 'Closer to God'

We hope to have a number of these titles at our Resources Centre which is open after both Morning Services on Sundays,  However, if they aren't in stock they should be available from a number of online sellers.