Ergon Fellowship Course components 

Monthly fellowship meetings

The Fellowship will meet once a month.  The meetings will take place on a Sunday afternoon, usually the first Sunday of the month.  Readings and short assignments will be set each month. This will be the time when the Fellowship meets together as a whole group to receive teaching and training, it is also an important time of community and prayer.  The afternoon will look something like this...
1:30 Lunch
2:30 Prayer
3:00 Teaching Session 1: Belief 
4:00 Afternoon Tea
4:30 Teaching Session 2: Relate 
  The month ahead: Assignment and prayer

Peer Review Triplets

The Fellowship will be divided into pairs/triplets.  The purpose of the pairs/triplets is to provide Fellows with the opportunity to take the teaching and discussion in monthly meetings further and develop close accountable and supportive friendships. Meeting at least once every two months we expect triplets to become close-knit, confidence-keeping, friendship groups, grappling with how to live out their faith and the course teaching in their workplace.  This will be done through:

- Sharing experiences
- Reflecting on personal devotions
- Praying together
- Discussing group assignments

Quarterly Mentoring

Each member of the Fellowship will be assigned a mentor, with the aim to meet every three months (i.e. three over the course of the programme).  This supervision may be conducted by one of the course leaders, church ministry team, or more likely, a mature member of the church family with a track record of experience, expertise and wisdom in integrating spiritual maturity and their work/career.

The purpose of these supervisions is to develop and deepen the individual's discipleship in and through work.  They will be with a senior church partner who will:

- Review learning from the course
- Examine the application of that learning into workplace practise and experience
- Provide focused support and guidance regarding the programme and its impact

Special Assignments

Two 24-hour retreats, and possible one-off events e.g. tour of British Museum, an example of a workplace CU, Q&A with visiting speakers)

Daily Appointments

We will not be marking or checking up on individual's daily devotions, but useful personal study material will be recommended.
Key Dates available upon request from Charmaine Muir, Fellowship Director (