Learning from God's Global Church

We have lots to learn from God's worldwide church. So we've recommended a few books below by global authors below.

Africa Bible Commentary (Africa)
South Asia Bible Commentary (Asia)
Romans by Solomon Andria (Ivory Coast)
Galations by Samuel M Ngewa (Kenya)
1 and 2 Timothy and Titus by Samuel N Ngewa (Kenya)
(A one volume Latin American Bible Commentary is coming soon)

Bible handling 
A Guide to Interpreting Scripture by Michael Kyomya (Uganda)

Christian Ministry
Jesus Centred Ministry by Ajith Fernando (Sri Lanka)
The Church by David Zac Niringiye (Uganda)

Global Issues
Subverting global myths by Vinoth Ramchandra (Sri Lanka)
Preachers of a different gospel by Femi Adeleye (Nigeria)

The meaning of mission by Vinoth Ramachandra (Sri Lanka)
A time for mission by Samuel Escobar (Peru)

Waiting and Dating by Miles Munroe (Carribbean)

African Christian Ethics (Africa)

African Christian Theology by Samuel Waje Kunihop (Nigeria)
The Holy Spirit by Ivan Satyavrata (India)

Hope for the World by Roland Chia (Singapore)
The Trinity of Sin by Yusufu Turaki (Nigeria)
The War Within by A C Chukwuocha (Nigeria)
The Spiritality of Gratitude by Joshua Choonmin Kang (Asia)

We hope to have a number of these titles at our Resources Centre which is open after both Morning Services on Sundays.  However,  if they aren't in stock they should be available from a number of online sellers.