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Applying to the All Souls World Mission and Extra Parochial Funds

The All Souls World Mission Fund, together with the All Souls Extra Parochial Fund, make significant gifts to projects and organisations involved in a range of mission work worldwide each year. 

We seek to give to projects / organisations that align with our World Mission values:

  • Founded on the Bible.  The Bible provides the foundation for our understanding and our prioritisation of mission and informs how and why we engage in mission.  Our commitment to Christ is our highest priority above our own as well as any other culture. Our engagement must be shaped by biblical thinking and values and must resist what is incompatible to Christ.
  • Motivated by God’s love.  The triune God sends the church into the world to share the Good News about Jesus Christ; that he first loved us and gave his Son for us.  ‘The mission of God flows from the love of God. The mission of God’s people flows from our love for God and for all that God loves.’
  • Committed to holistic mission and to both proclamation and demonstration of the gospel.  We use ‘the Five Marks of Mission’ (evangelism, discipleship, compassion, justice and creation care) as a framework for thinking about mission activity but we hold the gospel central and all these should spring from the gospel story and point us back to it.
  • Reliant on the interdependence of the global church.  We recognise the mutuality of the global church, that we all need each other, and the importance of Christian unity around central truths of the gospel. We want to be characterised by a commitment to learning from the global church family.
  • Active in mission globally and locally. Christians are called to bear witness to Christ in every area of the world geographically as well as in every sphere of society

Applications to the All Souls World Mission Fund can be made by projects/organisations that meet the following criteria:

  • A Christian organisation with whose theology and mission practice All Souls is comfortable
  • An association with All Souls through engaged involvement by All Souls members or staff
  • Organisations that take seriously working with the local church, where there is one
  • Organisations that demonstrate accountability
  • Organisations that can agree to keep in touch with All Souls to report on progress

In our project giving we prioritise projects / organisations that:

  • Allow different parts of the church to get involved and engage a wide cross cross section of the church
  • Support national mission workers
  • Help a mix of large, potentially more well-established organisations and smaller, grass roots organisations
  • Reach people across a number of geographies
  • Organisations with a close organic link with All Souls
  • Organisations that work across denominational lines, towards greater unity in the church
These criteria, together with a view of the relative level of need and opportunity for resources from other sources, will help us to prioritise specific projects or organisations.

If you would like to apply for a gift from the All Souls World Mission Fund on behalf of a project or organisation please send a proposal on one side of A4 only to worldmission@allsouls.org by the end of August each year. All organisations will be reviewed on an annual basis. Unfortunately, due to the high numbers of applications we receive, we're not able to respond to unsuccessful applications.

(Updated August 2019)