Studying in London? We can’t wait to welcome you home.

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Hello! My name is and you can email me at . I’m studying at for . This year l’ll be in my year of studies. I’m hoping to be in London from . Anything else you want to say?


We believe that Jesus is good news for students. That means students studying Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, Gucci’s marketing strategy, or how to deliver a baby; students from Kuala Lumpur, Newcastle and Sao Paulo; students knee-deep in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, mainlining Jordan Peterson and students who are non-stop K-Pop - Jesus is good news for you. We believe that you shouldn’t leave yourself behind when you come to church, and that you will never leave unchanged.


We believe that church is more than data - it’s flesh and bones. When the Bible addresses the church, it assumes an active life together with people playing their part in the body of Christ and living in relationships with one another as brothers and sisters. As we gather to study God’s Word, we look to be that family to one another, to apply what we are learning in the context of being known. We don’t restrict this to the time we spend in church buildings but seek to be a community that worships, that prays, that mourns and that celebrates wherever our members live, move and have our being.


So, if you’re studying in London, we want to hear from you. If you’re a student and you’re in London already, why not join us this coming Sunday and find out about our small groups? If you’re planning to be in London or had hoped you would be right already, we’d love to start getting to know you now. Either way, say hello using the form above

This is where we meet for Sunday services

This is where undergrads meet for small groups

Ollie Lansdowne and Ellidh Cook, Student Leaders at All Souls Langham Place
Ollie Lansdowne and Ellidh Cook

Student Leaders

Ollie and Ellidh lead the student ministry at All Souls, supported by a team of Ministry Trainees and volunteers. Look out for anyone wearing a ‘one’ t-shirt; they’re part of our student family and will be happy to chat and answer any questions!

Social Groups

Connect with others around a shared activity or season of life. Get to know other people and become part of the community.