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'Doing Small Church in a Large Church'

Fellowship Groups are central to our life as a church family. In a large church, they are one of the primary places where we can grow together in Christ, and support, serve and encourage one another in the Christian life.

If you are new, the recommended way to get stuck into church life is to join Springboard - a course for all those seeking to learn to live wholehearted lives for Jesus. People often then join Fellowship Groups after completing Springboard.

How can I join a Fellowship Group?
A Fellowship group means commitment to one group. If this is what you're after, then we would love to help you.   Either speak to a member of the ministry team on Sunday, or email to request an application form.


Fellowship groups meet on alternate Tuesday evenings. The next five dates are below:

 Upcoming Fellowship Group Dates 
SPRAS Sunday Fellowship Groups
12:00 Sunday 15 September, St. Paul's, Robert Adam Street
Fellowship Groups
19:00 Tuesday 17 September, All Souls, Langham Place
SPRAS Sunday Fellowship Groups
12:00 Sunday 29 September, St. Paul's, Robert Adam Street
Fellowship Groups
19:00 Tuesday 1 October, All Souls, Langham Place
SPRAS Sunday Fellowship Groups
12:00 Sunday 13 October, St. Paul's, Robert Adam Street
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Why join a Fellowship Group?

There are many benefits of joining a group. Not least is the opportunity it gives to get to know other members of the church family at a much deeper level than is ever possible on a Sunday.

Then, through Fellowship Groups, our aim is for:

  • Our lives to be transformed by God's truth (Romans 12:2)
  • Our community to be matured in love (Ephesians 4:15-16)
  • Our world to be engaged with the gospel (1 Peter 2:9-12)

MJHM - All Souls FG - Nov 2010

Our groups meet every other Tuesday evening in homes across London during term time. Most groups start with a meal or snack and every group will have a time of Bible Study and prayer. We have some groups that meet at different times and on different days, so if Tuesday evenings are unsuitable for you please let us know.

We organise our groups geographically and through this we hope that the diversity of All Souls is reflected in each Fellowship Group. This means that in each group there is likely to be a range of ages and nationalities, as well as both married and single people.
All Souls Fellowship Groups are for members of All Souls who have committed to being part of the church family.

Being part of a Fellowship Group

In joining a Fellowship group you are making a commitment to be part of a community of believers. You are committing to learn and grow with one another, and to serve, love, encourage and care for one another. On your part, this will involve:

  • Presence - The Fellowship Group evening should be a top priority in your diary. We realise that business trips and emergency situations are unavoidable, but belonging to a Fellowship Group means being there when it meets.
  • Participation - In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul says that the church is like a human body. It only grows when every part is doing its bit. This means we have responsibilities towards each other as believers. Belonging to a Fellowship Group means sharing our lives with others through encouragement, care, support, service and the use of our gifts. It also means actively working to help others grow to be more like Jesus.
  • Prayer - One of the key ways we can serve each other is through prayer, because it's through our prayers that God does his work. Belonging to a Fellowship Group means praying regularly for the members of the group.

Though living in community comes with all sorts of challenges (something the Bible is very realistic about!), it is where we grow best as Christians and as a church. Our prayer is that through our Fellowship groups, we will 'in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ' (Ephesians 4:15).