Clothes donation


Part of our work in ASLAN involves giving out clothes to the needy. We give out hundreds of pairs of socks and underpants each year, along with T-shirts and warm, hardwearing clothing, sleeping bags and footwear.

Every year we sort through hundreds of gratefully received bags, folding the clothes and placing them in our clothing drawers, or hanging them on our clothes racks. Each week, an appropriate selection are transferred into clothes carriers to be taken out onto the streets of London by our Tea Run.


What kinds of clothes do we need?

How to donate clothes



  • Jeans

  • Shoes & trainers (sizes 9 and above are particularly welcome)

  • Sleeping bags

  • Donations of new, unused underwear (pants and socks).




Generally, women's and children's clothes or men's "fancy" clothes like suits and dinner jackets. Other items which take up time and/or money to dispose of are:

  • Stained, torn or worn-out clothes and shoes

  • White or cream jumpers and trousers

  • Suits

  • Ties

  • Dressing gowns and night clothes (yes, we really do get them!)


  • We aim to use the clothes we ask for to give to those who need them.

  • For clothes we can’t use or did not ask for, we exchange them for something that we can give away, sell them to buy something we can give away or donate them to another charity (in that order).

  • We do not sell clothes to spend on other things or to add to our general funds.




We have two clothes collections each year in May and November before all three Sunday services (9.30am, 11.30am, 6.30pm) at All Souls Church, Langham Place. The dates of the clothes collections will be announced in advance at All Souls.


We can also accept clothes deliveries by prior arrangement at the All Souls Clubhouse. Please email the ASLAN administrator, Liz Middleton at to arrange a mutually convenient time. Please note that we have limited storage space and can only take donations of new men's underwear or shoes and boots at the moment.


Why not have a clothes collection at your work, club or fellowship group? If you get a large number of clothes, get in touch and we may be able to collect.





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