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Thursday 20 September

Join us for the launch of three unique books by Christian authors, linked together by their medical background and friendships with one another.


FROM THE PSYCHIATRIST'S CHAIR - Reflections on health in the family, in the workplace and in the world-wide church. 
by Dr Monty Barker

Monty Barker was born in Glasgow in 1934. After studying classics he qualified as a doctor, and in 1968 he was appointed as as a consultant psychiatrist to the Bristol United Hospitals. His junior staff and medical students found him an excellent teacher, although at times quite intimidating. He also taught theological students in the UK, Paris and India and was an advisor, counsellor and friend to many, leaving a lasting legacy to the Christian community in many parts of the world.
From the Psychiatrists chair
Hookses-draft cover-front-2 JOHN STOTT AND THE HOOKSES
By David Cranston

With contributions from Chris Wright, Monty Barker and an original piece by John Stott himself, this beautiful coffee table book tells the story of John Stott’s retreat in Pembrokeshire.

Complete with photographs taken by Stott and the author David Cranston, it brings to life that little corner of Wales which was so crucial to Stott’s life and ministry.
by Professor John Wyatt

We cannot choreograph our own death, but we can die well.

This recently launched book is for those who are facing death. It is also for their relatives, friends, and caretakers.

John Wyatt looks at recent trends in dying. He examines the "art of dying," a Christian tradition from the past. We see opportunities for dying well and faithfully, real-world examples of personal growth, and instances of reconciliation and personal healing in relationships. On the other hand, there are also challenges to face: the fears and temptations that dying can bring.

We learn from Jesus' example as we focus on his words from the cross. The wonderful news is that we can look forward to "a sure and steadfast hope," the amazing hope of resurrection and its implications for our lives today.
Dying Well
DATE Thursday 20 September
TIME 19.00 for 19.30 start.  Drinks and nibbles on arrival
PLACE All Souls Church
  There's no need to book - just come along