Sermon in this Series

How God reassures the disappointed
11 April 2021
Tobias Brown
Luke 24:36–53
Series : Journeying with Jesus: Lessons from the Gospel of Luke
4 April 2021
Jonny Dyer
Luke 24:1–12
King Jesus reveals his heart on Palm Sunday
29 March 2021
David Turner
Luke 19:28–44
Zacchaeus - the man who was lost, found and repentant
21 March 2021
Rico Tice
Luke 19:1–10
Two very different men. Two very different approaches to God. One meets with approval
14 March 2021
Luke Ijaz
Luke 18:9–17
Jesus warns us that how we use our money has eternal consequences for us
7 March 2021
Stephen Nichols
Luke 16:19–31
Shrewd investment in God’s Total Return Fund
28 February 2021
David Turner
Luke 16:1–15
How to be a child at the Father's feast, not an orphan in the far country or a slave near the Father's house.
21 February 2021
Alastair Gledhill
Luke 15:11–32
'How lost we are in sin, and the goodness of the Shepherd who finds us'
7 February 2021
Rico Tice
Luke 15:1–10
"Come, for everything is now ready."
31 January 2021
Jonny Dyer
Luke 14:1–24
'There is a cost both to following, and not following, the Lord Jesus Christ.'
24 January 2021
Stephen Nichols
Luke 14:25–35
'Repentance: If not now, then when?'
17 January 2021
Chris Wright
Luke 13:1–9
'Stay Awake and Stay Faithful!'
29 November 2020
Chris Wright
Luke 12:35–48
“Our problem is not that we want too much, it’s that we’re satisfied with too little.” CS Lewis
22 November 2020
Jonny Dyer
Luke 12:13–34
'Choosing the fear of the Lord over the fear of man'
15 November 2020
Rico Tice
Luke 12:1–12
'Finding it hard to pray in Coronavirus? We learn again from the Lord Jesus with these simple lessons from the Lord's Prayer'.
8 November 2020
Stephen Nichols
Luke 11:1–13
‘One Thing : Listening to Jesus in lockdown’
1 November 2020
David Turner
Luke 10:38–42
“Who is my neighbour?” In a debate or in a ditch?
25 October 2020
Chris Wright
Luke 10:25–37
Jesus' principles for mission
11 October 2020
Rico Tice
Luke 10:1–24
'The way to heaven is the way to Jerusalem, which is unavoidably the way of the Cross.'
4 October 2020
Luke Ijaz
Luke 9:51–62
'Luke highlights four vital ways in which our thinking must change as we listen to Christ'
27 September 2020
Stephen Nichols
Luke 9:37–50