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'Words have the power to destroy us, to build us up, and to change us. What words are you going to listen to?'
Proverbs 18:21
20 minutes
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Luke Ijaz
'The chief fruit and reward of friendship is friendship itself. What you get from it is the friend.'
Proverbs 18:24 – 19:7
13 minutes
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Alastair Gledhill
'Remember who you are working for, pleasing the King of justice, integrity and generosity'
Proverbs 16:11–20
18 minutes
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Tobias Brown
'Feel the tension between God's soveriegnty and our actions, and find the solution in discerning God's will and following it faithfully.'
Proverbs 16:1–5
16 minutes
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Daniel Pate
'Respond rightly to words of criticism, and ground your assurance in your status in Christ'
Proverbs 12:15–18
17 minutes
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Alastair Gledhill
'Heed the warnings of God against temptation, and be equipped for the battle to resist it'
Proverbs 7:6–27
23 minutes
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