Sermon in this Series

Daniel Pate
A call to love Jesus devotedly, not to love power or money instead.
Matthew 26:1–16
20 minutes
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A word of warning and a word of reassurance from Jesus about the end of the age and the wait for his return
Matthew 24:1–14
17 minutes
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Steven Legg
Hearing Jesus' teaching, which is all about love and which stands up to scrutiny
Matthew 22:34–46
18 minutes
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Ross Hendry
Warnings from the bad tenants of generosity spurned, privilege abused, and responsibility evaded
Matthew 21:33–46
18 minutes
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Luke Ijaz
The gentleness of Jesus: measureless power under perfect control
Matthew 21:1–11
14 minutes
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Ed Veale
Service is the name of the game because service is the nature of God
Matthew 20:17–28
22 minutes
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